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Magic Carpet: Sarah Crowley & David Brooks

7 Oct
Magic Carpet Brick Installation in Dockland's Australia by Sarah CrowleyMagic Carpet Brick Installation in Dockland's Australia by Sarah Crowley, David BrooksClick to enlarge

Australian architect Sarah Crowley, whose jewelry we posted about previously, joined forces with David Brooks on their winning entry for Austral Bricks Architectural Ideas Competition. The design challenge was to “design an experiential element for an urban space that reflects the future of brick.” Crowley and Brooks’ solution: a magic carpet installation made of bricks.

The Magic Carpet forms an undulating terrain providing ergonomic curves that serve as seating and lounging spaces, at the same time showcasing the extensive color range and texture of clay brick products.

Currently, it looks like the Magic Carpet will become a reality in the Docklands, Melbourne, Australia. Fun idea!

Christian DuCharme: Coffee Lamps

5 Oct
Chris DuCharme, cool lamps, coffee cups, filters, spoons, collabcubedChris DuCharme, cool lamps, coffee cups, filters, spoons, collabcubedClick to enlarge

A couple of days ago, on a nice stroll up from Canal Street, a friend and I spotted an interesting structure in the window of the very cute Lafayette Espresso Bar + Market. Going in to explore further, and have a tea while at it, turns out the large sea urchin-like object was a lamp made from 300 of the classic “It’s Our Pleasure to Serve You” coffee cups, cut into slim triangles. The artist/designer behind the lamp? The multi-talented Christian DuCharme.  Previously a set designer and window display artist, the Swiss designer from Zurich now works as an interior and accessories designer. And, well, he also makes lamps. Very cool ones at that.

The top four images are the 300 Cups Lamp, presently on display at the previously mentioned espresso bar in NYC. The lamp that follows is made from plastic coffee spoons, and the two photos below that are another lamp made from coffee filters. Amazing!

Two of Christian DuCharme’s beautiful bags are at the bottom of the photos. If you’re interested in purchasing Christian’s lamps or bags you can get in touch

Photos courtesy of Christian DuCharme.

Adidas Laces Signage: Turbocharged Type

5 Oct
Laces office building, Herzogenaurach, Germany, Typography, collabcubedLaces office building, Herzogenaurach, Germany, Typography, collabcubedLaces office building, Herzogenaurach, Germany, Typography, collabcubedLaces office building, Herzogenaurach, Germany, Typography, collabcubedClick to enlarge

The new Adidas Laces R&D building at the corporation’s headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany, is Kada Wittfeld Architektur’s latest project. In addition to the innovative communicative architectural ‘laces’ theme with criss-crossing connecting walkways — a metaphor for the Adidas sports shoe as well as the networked communications of the corporation — the ‘turbocharged’ typographic signage system by Büro Uebele leaps across walls, doors, and handrailings throughout the center. Words identify places as well as becoming colored surfaces and sculptures.

From the press release:
The building forms a loop. Suspended walkways cross the atrium space, “lacing” the building’s structure together like the laces of a sports shoe. The walkways connect individual departments within the building complex, making for greater proximity and preventing the disruptive effect of people walking through offices. The signage system supports this concept, providing directions at hubs and intersections. The names of the meeting areas are displayed on the glass balustrades, creating a subtly mobile effect as visitors look across the atrium, helping them find their way. The corporate typeface, a variation on FF DIN, is dynamically varied here. The outlines of letters and arrows are shifted vertically and repeated rhythmically, creating a dynamic, sporty effect. The shimmering characters – for all the world as if frozen in time-lapse photography – are combined in varying patterns, offering the viewer a varied and distinctive echo on the “laces” theme.

Truly spectacular inside and out.

Photos: Werner Huthmacher & Christian Richters

via e-architect and typetoken

Muffin Pouffe by Matteo Bianchi

30 Sep

The Muffin Pouffe (looks a little more like a cupcake to me) was showcased by Italian designer, based in East London, Matteo Bianchi this week at TENT London 2011. A humorous take on the classic ottoman, the Muffin Pouffe’s seat is covered with leather cushioning that looks like chocolate. The pouffe comes in two models, the ‘standard’ model and the ‘storage’ model that has a removable muffin top (always the best part) that reveals a hollow interior for stashing, well, whatever you want.

via Hungeree

Mariscal: Ladrillos Bookshelves

26 Sep

furniture design, kids, shelves, valencia designfurniture design, kids, shelves, valencia designThese Ladrillos (Brick) Bookshelves designed by Estudio Mariscal in Barcelona are meant for kids, but I could see it appealing to an older audience, myself included.

The cute supports are made of molded plastic with laminated wooden shelves for the Me Too Collection distributed by Italian company Magis.

via coolhunting

Odoardo Fioravanti: Industrial Design A-Z

23 Sep
Industrial design, furniture, Italy, Fogfurniture design, industrial design, italyfurniture design, industrial design, Italy, Malta design weekClick to enlarge

I wasn’t familiar with Odoardo Fioravanti’s work, but it was quite a nice discovery. This incredibly prolific Italian designer started working as an industrial designer as recently as 2003 and already has an impressive array of work and projects for a roster of companies that most designers could only dream of working with. Adding to that, Fioravanti designs everything! From kitchenware to toys, to furniture and telescopes, all the way to colorful roof tiles.

You can take a look for yourself here.

via malta design week

Sarah Crowley & Michael Ong: Jewelry

23 Sep

Perspex Brooches, Architecture jewelry, doll house, Australian designPerspex Brooches, Architecture jewelry, doll house, Australian design, laser cut ringsMelbourne based architects Sarah Crowley and Michael Ong have collaborated on a series of jewelry pieces with an architectural twist. The Little Houses brooches, laser cut from perspex, are an ode to the childhood dollhouse. The House rings (white, two-piece photos) are laser cut in layers from plywood into the shape of a house and painted with white acrylic paint. The Godsiller and Dinner rings are similar to the House ring, in that they are layered and laser cut from plywood as well, but painted black.

You can see more of Sarah Crowley’s work on her blog and Michael Ong’s work on his site.

Robert Wilson: 7 Electric Chairs for 7 Decades

22 Sep
Bob Wilson, neon, Kartell, 7 Electric Chairs..As You Like ItRobert Wilson, neon, Kartell, 7 Electric Chairs..As You Like ItClick to enlarge.

In celebration of his 70th birthday, artist/choreographer/stage designer (and more!) Robert Wilson has designed a set of seven polycarbonate and neon chairs produced by Kartell.

The seven chairs are titled 7 Electric Chairs…As You Like It, alluding to his seven decades, seven days of the week, as well as the seven ages of man in Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.” Each chair’s neon insertion expresses a different form and power.

The chairs are on view in the Teatro alla Scala in Milan through the end of September and will then be available to collectors through art galleries around the world. Perfect for lumen lovers.

Top photo: Lorenzo Nencioni for The New York Times

via NY Times and Domus. Thanks Eric!

Kane Cali: Glass Ripples

22 Sep
glass sculpture, rippled layered glass, malta design weekglass sculpture, rippled layered glass, malta design weekglass sculpture, rippled layered glass, malta design weekClick to enlarge.

British artist Kane Cali has always been fascinated by nature, especially through the eyes of science. He embraces all that new technologies have to offer and creates with them as well as with more traditional methods. His most recent work utilizes 3d modeling and glass. Whether the effect of colliding droplets or ripples in milk, Cali translates these into impressive glass sculptural landscapes in rich color tones, some translucent and some opaque.

Check out his glass Dot Portraits as well.

via malta design week

AnnMarie van Splunter: Rubbertree

22 Sep

Tire Installation, playground, Thailand, Tree sculpture, collabcubedTire Installation, playground, Thailand, Tree sculpture, refugeesHere’s an interesting concept for reuse of tires in a positive way. Rubbertree, designed by Dutch designer AnnMarie van Splunter, is a proposal for a school playground for refugee children in Thailand. By constructing an oversized sculpture of a rubber tree made of recycled rubber tires, the tires, in a sense, come full circle.

Imitating the long and expanding roots of a real rubber tree, this installation would be relatively easy to build requiring only local materials including motorbike tires, bamboo and rope. No metal parts are necessary. The frame would be made from the bamboo and the tires could safely hug the frame (see small illustration of tire and bamboo above.)

From the designer:
This tree with long and expanding roots offers an open and inviting landscape on different levels: spaces to roam and explore, for spontaneous play.
It provides shelter and shadow and places where children can sit in, on, under, or lean against and find a place where they can make a den and find privacy or can be alone with friends.


via Open Architecture Network

Just Fold It by Kutarq

14 Sep

room dividers, partition, architectural, pleated, contemporary designroom dividers, partition, architectural, pleated, contemporary designKutarq, a multidisciplinary firm led by Jordi López Aguiló in Valencia, Spain, has just come out with an interesting design for a room divider. “Just Fold It” is flexible, easy to assemble and disassemble, and the individual models fold compactly making them convenient to store or transport. The length of the screen can be adjusted by adding or subtracting the number of modules. Perforations on the surface increase stability by counteracting wind resistance in addition to varying the porosity which creates a nice visual effect that varies depending on the angle and distance from which it is viewed.

Be sure to check out the rest of Kutarqs products and projects on their site.

Baguettes to Bentleys: Vending Machines

12 Sep

Cool Vending Machine, Fashion Week, Hudson Hotel, semi automatic, Morgans, NYCCool Vending Machine, Fashion Week, Hudson Hotel, semi automatic, Mondrian, BaguettesThis week as part of Fashion Week here in NYC, the Hudson Hotel’s already impressive, over-sized Semi-Automatic vending machine has been stocked with products from up and coming designers. Some of these include: Alice Ritter, Grey Ant, Jolibe (rabbit fur jacket), Public School (wool ties), Sang A (python clutch), and Ruby Kobo (Diamond bracelet). This is just one of many in a growing trend of nontraditional vending machines. The Mondrian Hotel in Miami has had their purple-illuminated machine for a couple of years, offering everything from sundries to extreme luxury items including a Bentley.

Recently the three of us (plus cousin Moni) were on the The Standard Hotel’s rooftop (Le Bain) checking out the view as well as the waterbed poofs and jacuzzis, when we noticed a vending machine selling bathing suits on our way out.

In Paris, French baker, Jean-Louise Hecht invented and installed a 24-hour baguette dispensing vending machine this past summer. The loaves are partially precooked and finish baking after the customer makes their selection.

Two summers ago on a trip to Barcelona, we happened upon the largest vending machine we had ever seen right in a subway station next to the turnstiles. It looked like the refrigerated section of a deli built right into the station wall.

And in Nanjing, China, a crab-selling vending machine has been installed with much success, selling live crabs in specially patented plastic cases!

Photo credits: top two Hudson Hotel; Mondrian Hotel; Baguette machine photos: Michael Euler, AP. Crab photos: screen shots from Hood News Network.

Frank Kunert: Small Worlds

9 Sep

photos, miniatures, humorous photos, art, designphotos, miniatures, humorous photos, art, designphotos, miniatures, humorous photos, art, designGerman photographer Frank Kunert creates intricate, flawlessly detailed miniature models, full of humor and satire, and then photographs them. I’ve come across one or two of these photos before, but visiting Kunert’s website to see his extensive collection was a real treat. I felt myself grinning stupidly at the computer screen.

It’s too bad these can’t be enlarged to see more of the detail. Pretty incredible work. For one more week you can see a couple of Frank Kunert’s photographs live at the Museum of Art and Design as part of the Otherworldly exhibit.

via MAD

Chus Garcia-Fraile: Barcode

8 Sep
Large Sculpture, Barcelona, Fun Art, Pop Art, Beach ArtLarge Sculpture, Barcelona, Fun Art, Pop Art, Beach ArtClick to enlarge

Chus Garcia-Fraile lives and works in Madrid, Spain. She works in all mediums, fluctuating between photography, drawing, sculpture, video and installation.

Barcode is an oversized sculpture that she created as part of the International Festival of Bennicassim — a music festival on the eastern coast of Spain, north of Valencia — a few years back. Nice!

Photos from fiberfib’s flickr

EARonic iPhone Cases

7 Sep
iPhone 4 Case, Ear, Fun gift, novelty, geeky phone cases, collabcubed, Daniela GilsanziPhone case, iphone 4, fun, gift, novelty, humorous, ear, Daniela GilsanziPhone Case, Iphone 4 Case, gift, fun, novelty, goofy case, Daniela Gilsanz

We are very (no, really, VERY) excited to announce the launch of our first CollabCubed production: EARonic iPhone cases. Designed by Daniela Gilsanz – a cube root of CollabCubed – the EARonic iPhone cases are EARefutably EAResistible. Available in our new shop, in five different styles, it’s your chance to don that multi-pierced ear you’ve been wanting, or maybe just the opposite.

Daniela first came up with the idea last fall when applying to art schools. She was getting a portfolio together and while sketching some ears in her sketchbook (one of the prompts from a school) the initial EARonic mockup and portfolio piece came to be. (See spread with sketches second from top.)

Since then, we’ve improved on the original concept, photographed many an ear, and produced the actual phone cases. So, go take a look at our new shop and check them out for yourself.

UPDATE: We are giving away three EARonic iPhone 4 Cases. To enter, just like us on our facebook page by September 27th. We will announce the winners on our facebook page on Wednesday, September 28th.

UPDATE on November 27th: Starting today, shipping is free within the U.S. for standard first class mail and $5 for international shipping via USPS air mail.

Punched Sofa

31 Aug

furniture design, cool unique sofa, couch, contemporary designHere’s a very fun couch for the right room. The Punched Sofa designed by Serbian-born and Canadian-based designer Danilo Cvjetkovic, is an “interactive” sofa. The bendable plastic bars are covered with soft foam and colorful fabric (they remind me of those pool noodles) and get inserted into the punched holes of the fiberglass shell base functioning as the backrests. Different heights and angles are possible and adjustable by the user. Manufactured by in Norway.

via designspotter

Casanueva Pharmacy (Farmacia)

31 Aug

Renovation, Pharmacy, Murcia, Spain, Type, Architecture, Store designRenovation, Pharmacy, Murcia, Spain, Type, Architecture, Store designRenovation, Pharmacy, Murcia, Spain, Type, Architecture, Store designClavel Architects led by Manuel Clavel Rojo, took on the renovation of the Casanueva Pharmacy in Murcia, Spain. (See before and after photos second row from top.) One of the major challenges of the project was that it had to be completed in two months and the store remained open during the first month. Because of this, 95% of the project was prefabricated.

The amazing façade (who wouldn’t want a façade made of type? And one that lights up to boot!) not only spells out the store’s identity but serves as a shading mechanism from the hot afternoon sun. The façade and all the interior furnishings were prefabricated in a workshop, and the slat cladding was also a quick-to-build solution.

I think Duane Reade with all their constant renovations would do well to pick up a pointer or two from Clavels cool redesign.

Roll & Mix

30 Aug
kitchen utensil, rolling pin, industrial design, pestlekitchen utensil, rolling pin, industrial design, pestleClick to enlarge.

Here’s a nice, as well as smart, design from Belgian designer Marcial Ahsayane. It’s a three-in-one piece: each half functions separately, one as a pestle for mixing or grinding, the other as a container for liquids such as oil, that can be mixed in. When screwed together, the whole functions as a rolling pin.

Clever, attractive, and functional!

via Behance


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