BoaMistura: Pensar/Sentir (Think/Feel)

A recent project at the University of Isthmus in Panama City by one of my favorite Spanish art collectives, Boa Mistura (previously), engaged the architecture and industrial design students. Invited to give a two-week workshop, the artists worked with the students to create a design using their signature anamorphic style which was then executed by […]

Somos Luz: Boamistura

Click to enlarge The folks of Boamistura (previously here & here) were at it again, doing what they do so well: fostering pride and community in impoverished neighborhoods with their street art interventions. Their latest participatory urban art project Somos Luz (We are Light) took place this past March in Panama City. Invited by the […]


Click to enlarge Here’s a fun, recently opened, spot in NYC for all kinds of churros: cones of churros, chocolate-dipped ones, mini, and filled churros. LeChurro, the small Upper East Side locale, seats approximately ten people in its nicely designed space. Boa Mistura (previously here and here) the Spanish street art collective, were commissioned to […]

Boa Mistura: Order is Intangible

The Spanish art collective Boa Mistura (previously here) composed of five self-proclaimed ‘graffiti rockers’ created this cool anamorphic typography installation for the interior design fair Interiorissimo Decoracción 2011. Inspired by the poem “Order is” by Louis I. Khan, the words “El Orden es Intangible” (Order is intangible) were painted on an abstract furniture composition that […]

Boa Mistura: Beauty and Pride in a Favela

Click to enlarge I love everything about this amazing project by the appropriately named Spanish art collective Boa Mistura (good mix): the typography, the color, the participative nature, and most of all the huge heart behind it. Made up of artists Arkoh, Derko, Pahg, Purone, and Rdick who have developed their work in different fields, […]