Long-Bin Chen: Sculpted Books & Magazines

Click to enlarge Taiwanese artist Long-Bin Chen works with books, magazines, and phone books using traditional sculpting techniques to carve them into works that resemble classic stone busts of both Eastern and Western icons. I saw several of these in person at this year’s VoltaNY Show and even seeing the front and backs up close, […]

Brian Dettmer: Quotes Cut from Books

Click to enlarge Originally from Chicago, artist Brian Dettmer, who creates innovative sculptures with books and other forms of antiquated media, currently resides in Atlanta. As is the case with other artists working with books as their material of choice, Dettmer uses his art, in part, as a commentary on the waning physical form of […]

Andreas Johansson: Collage Pop-Up Books

Click to enlarge I came upon these impressive photo collage pop-up books at the Volta art show here in NYC last Friday. Swedish artist Andreas Johansson has been drawn to industrial and desolate areas ever since his youth as a skateboarder in Vaxjo. Working in collage, cutting apart photographs and then building up new environments […]

Mariscal: Ladrillos Bookshelves

These Ladrillos (Brick) Bookshelves designed by Estudio Mariscal in Barcelona are meant for kids, but I could see it appealing to an older audience, myself included. The cute supports are made of molded plastic with laminated wooden shelves for the Me Too Collection distributed by Italian company Magis. via coolhunting

Van Alen Books

Click to enlarge Walking over to Chelsea the other day, I happened upon this very eye-catching and unique storefront on West 22nd Street. Turns out it’s the recently opened Van Alen Books, a bookstore and public reading room devoted to architecture and design publications. Designed by the architectural firm LOT-EK (the same architects behind the […]

Nick Georgiou: Hermès Windows NYC

I’m not sure if it’s because it’s Fashion Week here in NYC, or because the fall season has begun bringing with it a new crop of looks, or maybe I just hadn’t strolled down Madison Avenue in a while but, when I did yesterday afternoon I was really struck by all the store windows, both […]

Henk van Rensbergen: Abandoned Places

Believe it or not, Belgium-born Henk van Rensbergen is an airline pilot; a job which takes him to many locations around the world. But it is the urge to explore eerie abandoned sites which he’s possessed since childhood, that has led him to take this stunning series of photographs (and books) titled Abandoned Places. Van […]

Alyse Emdur: Prison Landscapes

Dan and I went to The Last Brucennial this past weekend and in the midst of the fun chaos that is the show, we spotted some work that really stood out for us. Among these were two large photos by Alyse Emdur which elicited several emotions at once: confusion; laughter; and sadness. And that was before […]

Fred Cray: Unique Photographs

Photographer Fred Cray’s (previously here and here) latest exhibit at Janet Borden Gallery centers around his ongoing work titled Unique Photographs. It’s a fun idea that engages the public, distributing his unique artworks in the most unexpected places. But, really, who better to describe it than the photographer himself? “This project is referred to as […]

FlipBooKit Moto

Who doesn’t like a good flipbook, right? And your very own? Even better. A few years back I made a couple of flipbooks of my kids when they were little via flipclips which were a hit, but now kinetic artists Wendy Marvel and Mark Rosen have taken the concept to a whole new level with […]

Lucas Simões: Desretratos

 Click to enlarge Brazilian artist Lucas Simões uses source materials such as maps, books, and photographs which he then folds, cuts, and deconstructs into new forms. In his series of portraits titled Desretatos (Disportraits) Simões invited friends to tell him a secret as he took their portrait. More than listen to the secret, Simões was […]

Barbara Kruger: Belief+Doubt

Click to enlarge As part of an initiative to bring art to new sites within and around the Hirshhorn Museum, roughly a year ago the museum installed Barbara Kruger’s Belief+Doubt exhibit to fill the Lower Level lobby and extend into the newly relocated bookstore. The supersized words that have increasingly become Kruger’s trademark, create an […]

Gemis Luciani: Phone Book Sculptures & More

Click to enlarge Berlin-based Italian artist Gemis Luciani upcycles phone books, magazines, brochures, and other similar objects into sculpture. By manipulating, de-composing and re-assembling the books and pages he reconfigures them into newly built systems of shapes and surfaces. His collages and spatial, large scale installations are meticulously created, and rely on a strong minimalist […]

NYC Culture on the Cheap: Weekend 5/17

Free & Cheap things to do this weekend in NYC (5/17/13 to 5/19/13) Free & Cheap things to do this weekend in NYC (5/17/13 to 5/19/13) Walks, talks, music, art, architecture, theater, film, 1. ART/FILM/VIDEO: All weekend & through 5/25 Video_dumbo at Eyebeam.  8th annual festival & exhibition of contemporary moving image artwork, will include […]

NYC Culture on the Cheap: Weekend 4/19

Free& Cheap things to do Free & Cheap things to do this weekend in NYC (4/19/13 to 4/21/13) in art, music, film, performance, architecture, photography, and more. Fun and interesting events all weekend long. Click through on images above for official event pages with more info or in the descriptions below. 1. MUSIC: All weekend […]

NYC Culture on the Cheap: Weekend 4/12

Free& Cheap things to do Free & Cheap things to do this weekend in NYC (4/12/13 to 4/14/13) from art exhibits, to music, multiple literature-related events, a Gif festival, theater, dance, talks and food! Fun and interesting events all weekend long. Click through on images above for official event pages with more info or in […]

Swissted: Mike Joyce

Click to enlarge These are fabulous! Swissted is an ongoing project by NYC-based graphic designer Mike Joyce who owns Stereotype Design. Joyce has combined his love of music and Swiss modernism in this series of redesigned vintage punk, hardcore, new wave, and indie rock show flyers that delightfully play with type and color in the […]