It’s a mother/daughters thing. The three of us share a passion for all things design, art, fashion, and pop culture related.

Debbie is a graphic designer in NYC and the voice of the blog. Daniela is a third year industrial design student at RISD and designer of the super-fab EARonic iPhone cases. Emma focuses on the sciences in her last year at Brown, as well as having a keen eye for photography and a weakness for fashion and design blogs.

This is where we share our links and finds. One of the ways we stay connected. Welcome to our CollabCubed.

If you’d like to get in touch, drop us a note: hi@collabcubed.com.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And, hey, check out our shop!

27 thoughts on “About

  1. This is such a novel idea, and much better than keeping in touch through Facebook. It seems like the perfect means for all of you to share in your common interest, and judging by the first post I like what you are all sharing. I’ll definitely be stopping by again to see what you come up with!

  2. Thanks so much for all the nice comments. We don’t comment here due to an aesthetic hang-up of seeing so many of our own comments between each of yours (crazy, we know), but we really appreciate the kind words of support. Please consider this a thank you for all comments on this page, past and, hopefully, future. —Debbie, Emma, and Daniela

  3. Your designs are wonderful, and I’m hoping you’ll start working on *THE OTHER POPULAR PHONE* – the Android. We could use some of your cool cases, too. There are many people on this planet who *don’t* want an iPhone, you know, and we have money to spend. 🙂 Just sayin.’

  4. Hello Collabcubed team,
    I’ve just found you blog and noticed you had featured my art practice. Thank you for that!
    Thursday, I created a charity surreal installation, featuring bright red door frames and doors on a pristine Australian beach. Inside each doorway is a suited participant. If you contact me via my website
    http://www.andrewbaines.com I’d be happy to send you my latest photos.
    Cheers Andrew Australia

  5. Love your blog and all the profiles of the artists – superb to come across all these different works and inspirational creative people. The way you curate their work also shows how much you love contemporary ideas. + The fact that you’re all such a connected team in real life – that’s wonderful. My two girls are creative souls but co-blogging with their mum – that would make them a bit scared….

  6. Nice blog. Congratulations. Could you please identify the photographer of the ‘Glowing Train’ picture?

  7. Hi! I found your page off of Emma’s final English project I read in class.
    I just want to say this is a great website!

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