More Marlon de Azambuja

Marlon de AzambujaYes. I am officially a fan. In addition to his wonderful Operaciones series (see previous post), Marlon de Azambuja has large-scale projects as well, some of which would fall under the category of Street Art. Two of these series are: Potencial Escultórico (Sculptural Potential) in which he wraps street furniture/objects in colored duct tape; and Metaesquema (Meta Diagram) where he uses permanent marker to draw out diagrams encompassing the street manhole covers and grates. Both of these series of works appeared in the streets of Madrid.

“…For the last three years, Marlon de Azambuja has marked out urban spaces with adhesive tape, interventions that have the finality of highlighting or, even better, allowing the discovery of aspects that have always existed but that we have never imagined. Marlon de Azambuja is part of a constructive culture’s memory that finds its forebears in Brazilian Concretism….”

Very cool.

7 thoughts on “More Marlon de Azambuja

  1. first of all – a rip off of Christo, so nothing new.
    second – have you ever tried to remove duct tape once its been on for a few days? Good luck…

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