Typographied Objects

Typography ObjectsPretty much anything with nice typography is bound to catch my eye. And pretty much any object that uses typography as an integral part of its design is likely to win me over. Here are but a very few:

Clockwise from top left:
Typographic Dress at the Met
Alphabet Poster
Jacqueline Rabun Type Jewelry
Veer Character Scarf
House Industries Neutraface Pillow
Alphabet Ice Cube Trays

Red Plastic Letters from Etsy
Domino Clock
British Route Signs Chair
Typography Coasters
Typolade Chocolates
Type Bookends
CB2 Letterpress Rug
Alphabet Bookcase
Letteroom Alphabet Eco Wrapping Paper

2 thoughts on “Typographied Objects

  1. Hi there, really enjoyed reading your blog.I’m currently studying Graphic Design and love Typography, although i have to say it did take some time to appreciate it.Found your blog really interesting and could relate very easily to a lot of the content, thank you.

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