WASARA Disposable Tableware

I have had my eye on these plates for a couple of years now. Since first seeing them, I have considered ordering them online every time I’ve had a party, or group get-together, then backed away when realizing that the express shipping necessary due to my last minute ordering (not very good about planning ahead) would be hard to justify. Last week, however, on a lovely stroll to Noho here in NYC, I discovered that they sell them at The Future Perfect. Very exciting news for me. The plates are a little smaller than I imagined (though the measurements are accurate on the site) but just as beautiful.

Designed in Japan by Shinichiro Ogata, WASARA tableware is compostable and made from 100% tree-free renewable materials, so not only will your table look great, but it’s all very green, too.

Available online here.

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