JR in NYC and his Inside Out Project

JR in NYC, Houston Street Mural, Street ArtJR in NYC, Houston Street Mural, Street ArtJR in NYC, Soho street art.JR in NYC, Soho Street ArtJR, street art, NYC, Inside Out ProjectFrench street artist JR has hit the streets of New York City in full force this summer. With several murals up in downtown Manhattan and a series of smaller posters up in the Bronx, the closely cropped expressive faces and eyes are a fun surprise to see as you round the corners of NYC.

JR’s wish? To use art to turn the world inside out. His Inside Out Project is a “large-scale participatory art project that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work.” The three of us participated in this ongoing event, with the help of our buddy Rence, and set out to post our poster under one of JR‘s massive Soho murals. As you can see above, our poster is a mere speck on the wall by comparison (click to enlarge for better view) and clearly no JR but, regardless, we had a blast putting it up and it’s great fun to be a part of this international well-meaning project.

If you’d like to take part in JR’s worldwide project, just upload a photo to the site and you’ll be contacted to make a donation before receiving your poster.

All images are linked to their respective flickr photostream. Those that don’t, were taken by us.

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