Ronit Judelman: Games People Play

Pop art, Anti-war, South African artist, contemporary artSouth African Art, Anti-war art, contemporary art, political art, sculptureClick to enlarge.

Of Polish Jewish origin, born in Paris, and currently residing in Johannesburg, South Africa, Ronit Judelman (a clinical psychologist and second-generation Holocaust survivor in addition to being an artist) focuses on the paradoxical nature of society and specifically as it pertains to the horrors of war. In her series Weapons of Mass Destruction: Games People Play, Judelman juxtaposes toys with weapons “to highlight the paradox of using war to achieve peace [she] combined children’s toys, which stand for safety, innocence and fun, with adult weapons, which symbolize aggression, deviance and cruelty.” As a result, the works are a bit unsettling and quite powerful.

From top to bottom:
Crayons; Bim Bum Bombs (cast from a mold of a WWII British four-inch mortar bomb); Baby Doll; Ring a Ring a Rosey; Guns

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