Tiritas Malditas (Damned Band-Aids)

Damned Band-aidsDamned BandaidsIf you happen to be in Madrid and waiting for the light to change at a street corner, you might want to look up and check the closest traffic light for a Tirita Maldita (Damned Band-Aid). Popping up periodically around the Spanish capital are these, sometimes humorous/sometimes political, typed messages on band-aids; one could call them “band-aid tweets.” I like the concept, almost like having someone whisper in your ear at the light. And the thought of the artist inserting band-aids in an old typewriter to create these, well, it makes me smile.

I’ve translated them into English (in white type on the photos) for those who don’t speak Spanish. Click on the images to see larger.

More Tiritas Malditas (in Spanish) here.

via escrito en la pared

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