Yael Davids: Anatomical Performance Art

Performance art, body, humor, Israeli artist, Amsterdam, collabcubedPerformance art, body, humor, Israeli artist, Amsterdam, collabcubedArtist Yael Davids, born in Israel but based in Amsterdam, explores the human body and its different expressions within space, architecture and the object world in general. More often than not she will use performance as the means of exploration. Using boundaries such as walls and tables to function as masks, Davids creates sometimes humorous, other times slightly disturbing art installations with people/performers as her subjects, creating, in many cases, a sense of oppression. Though these works are labeled as performance art, they are almost static by nature.

From top to bottom:
Table © Yael Davids, Museum De Paviljoens; Head; A Line, a Word, a Sentence photos by Christian Fusco; Aquarium © Yael Davids; Thread © Yael Davids, Museum De Paviljoens

via atti democratici

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