Jess Dunn

Cool Art Installation by Jess DunnInstallation Art Human-to-Oil ProjectJess Dunn is a sculptor and installation-based visual artist and landscape designer living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As stated on the alumni page of the University of New Mexico:

Her [Dunn’s] art focuses on ecological sustainability–generating conversations where the familiar opposition of nature and culture is reworked in fragile, hybrid, and intensely corporeal ways. Her three-dimensional and installation projects speak to how historically and culturally specific human populations intersect and transect natural worlds…She continues to create awareness about environmental sustainability through public art.

The top two images are from Dunn’s Diagram for Substance Transferal project, where the suits were created for the study of thermal depolymerization (the process by which any organic material can be turned into oil) in The Human-to-Oil Project (which is the project in the photos below it.) The instrument, in the latter, can be used to transform donated human organic matter into oil; faucets on the sides emit the liquefied matter into collection barrels paralleling the press.

The final project shown here are the Salt Preservation Skins. Designed to be grown over water canals, these suits serve a dual purpose: to preserve donated organic matter until a Human-to-Oil Press is ready for use; and to reserve processed, liquefied organic matter until needed for energy.

Apart from being conceptually intriguing, I find these projects visually interesting, if a little morbid. See more of Jess Dunn’s work here.

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