Patricia Piccinini: Vespa Art

Contemporary art, vespas, creatures, sculptureContemporary art, vespas, creatures, sculptureWhen we were in Istanbul a couple of weeks ago, we happened upon the Arter gallery showing an exhibit of Patricia Piccininis work. Patricia Piccinini – in addition to having a great name (I think it’s the extra “ni” that makes it especially delightful) – is an Australian artist who works in several styles and mediums. One of these is a Vespa-inspired series of sculptures.

These wide-eyed and appealing deer-like creatures are molded by an automotive modeler using ABS plastic, automotive paint, stainless steel, leather, and rubber tires, of course. They represent Piccinini’s thoughts on machines behaving as animals; taking on a personality. We as humans are sometimes scared by their autonomy and our lack of control over them.

From top to bottom and left to right:
Thicker than Water; The Stags (x2); Thicker than Water; The Lovers; The Nest (x3).

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