Michael Jantzen: Architecture as Art

architecture, sustainable designs, mobile structures, conceptsarchitecture, sustainable designs, mobile structures, conceptsClick to enlarge.

Michael Jantzen, an artist and designer based in California, uses architecture as an art form. By combining art, architecture, technology and sustainability, he proposes new ways of living and considers himself an inventor and problem-solver.

Jantzen has a particular interest in exploring public gathering centers using sun and wind as energy sources and in turn sharing that energy with the community where the center is built.

From top to bottom, and left to right:
M-house (recently sold to an art collector in Korea); M-2; First M-velope; Contemplation Pavilion; Garage Door Pavilion; North Slope Ski Hotel; Wind Shade Roof; Eco-Tower; Wind-shaped Pavilion.

You can see many more of Michael Jantzen’s designs here.

via designmilk

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