Ahmed Mater: Medicine and Art

Ahmed Mater, Saudi Contemporary Art, x-ray artAhmed Mater, Saudi Contemporary Art, x-ray art, antennas

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Ahmed Mater is a Saudi artist and M.D. who was born and raised in an Aseeri village which, unlike much of the rest of Saudi Arabia, retained its traditional architecture and culture. When his family moved to Abha, the regional capital and a modern Saudi city, he began to question the values of his traditional and conservative upbringing. The turmoil that he experienced “influenced and gave birth to new experiments” in his art.

From top to bottom: The Evolution of Man (silkscreened prints on lightboxes); Antenna series (neon tubes); Cowboy Code (plastic gun caps); Magnetism (UV Curved Virtu Print on White Aluminium)

Mater’s exhibit at the LACMA ends today and his next exhibit is at the British Museum in London starting at the end of January 2012 running through April. CORRECTION: Some of Ahmed Mater’s work was and will be included in the above exhibits, but these are not solo shows.

You can see more of his work on his site, blog, and flickr.

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