Nada Sehnaoui: Bringing Order to Chaos

Sehanaoui, Lebanon, Beirut, art installation, toilets, war, order, contemporary art, collabcubedSehanaoui, Lebanon, Beirut, art installation, toilets, war, order, contemporary art, collabcubedArt installation, Lebanon, Beirut, Nada Sehnaoui, War, Chaos, Identity, collabcubedBeirut-based artist Nada Sehnaoui creates installations that deal with issues of war, history and identity. In her installation Haven’t 15 Years of Hiding in the Toilets Been Enough?, Sehnaoui installed 600 toilets in downtown Beirut in memory of the 15-year long Lebanese war, a time when people used to hide from bombs and shrapnel in the bathrooms. She invited residents of the city to sit on the toilets, rest their feet and contemplate what had taken place.

In This Too Shall Pass (a prayer), Sehnaoui positions a large number of rolling pins in a circle, almost as if holding hands and united in prayer against the constant threat of war. And in Plastic Memory Containers, Nada Sehnaoui, surprised by the strong connection people felt with their 6000-year old history yet complete alienation from the more recent history of the civil war, she filled 100 plastic buckets with 3000 crumpled up pieces of paper with the question “How meaningful is it to have a 6000-year old history when we have no memory of our recent past?”

via moversnshakers

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