Mary Button Durell: Paper Sculpture

Paper constructions from tracing paper and wheat paste, collabcubedPaper constructions from tracing paper and wheat paste, collabcubedPaper constructions from tracing paper and wheat paste, collabcubedClick to enlarge

California artist Mary Button Durell creates paper sculptures using only tracing paper and wheat paste. They have been compared to cellular membranes and described as biomorphic abstractions; definitely organic in shape and feel. Though many of the works look as though built on a wire frame, that is not the case. The process involves extensive hand-building by the artist.

From the artist’s statement:
Individual cells or cones that comprise most of the pieces are first formed over molds of various shapes and sizes and then joined together using wheat paste cell by cell. Additional layers of paper and paste are then added for strength and reinforcement which creates the net-like structure around the individual cells.

In addition, the translucent quality of the paper adds another dimension to the pieces.

You can see more of Mary Button Durell’s beautiful work on her site.

3 thoughts on “Mary Button Durell: Paper Sculpture

  1. Thank you for showing my work on your blog, what a treat!!! You show some very interesting artists and designers. LOVE the mother daughter collaboration, so inspiring!

    Mary Button Durell

  2. Dear Mary, i really really, really, deeply impresed what fantastic art you are making.
    I would like to keep in contact with you. Im an biodesigner from the Netherlands.
    My Company is IBI2, we are making product also made from waste of Food and agriculture residuen.

    Greets from Sandra Baan

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