Long-Bin Chen: Sculpted Books & Magazines

Long-Bin-Chen_Sculptures-made-from-carved-books-and-magazinesLong-Bin-Chen_Sculptures-made-from-carved-books-and-magazinesLong-Bin-Chen_Sculptures-made-from-carved-books-and-magazinesLong-Bin-Chen_Sculpturesmadeofbooks_collabcubedClick to enlarge

Taiwanese artist Long-Bin Chen works with books, magazines, and phone books using traditional sculpting techniques to carve them into works that resemble classic stone busts of both Eastern and Western icons. I saw several of these in person at this year’s VoltaNY Show and even seeing the front and backs up close, and knowing that they’re made with printed matter, they are still amazingly convincing.

Photos: collabcubed; MAD; and artnet

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