Artist’s Face – Balloons: Laurina Paperina

Laurina Paperina, Artists BalloonsLaurina Paperina, Artists BalloonsLaurina Paperina, Artists BalloonsClick to enlarge

Last Thursday evening I went to Chelsea for the launch of the Fall Season and openings at many of the galleries. At Freight+Volume, as part of a group show titled “The Decline and Fall of the Art World, Part II” is where I had my first look at Italian artist Laurina Paperina‘s humorous work that pokes fun at the art world, including herself. Her short animated episodes titled “How to Kill the Artists” (see a sample below) were making viewers laugh out loud in some cases, and now, looking at her website, I see that she has variations on the theme. Her witty series Artist’s Face – Balloons, charmingly captures these artists and their work style on balloon heads, or, more accurately, on photos of people holding up balloons in front of their heads. From Murakami and Banksy to Keith Haring and  Frida Kahlo. Paperina states in her bio that she “does not want to make serious art.” I think she has met her goal.

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