en.light.en Interactive Lamps

en.light.en interactive lampen.light.en interactive lamps are designed by Barrangan Studio in Colombia. Apart from the basic lamp function of lighting their environs, en.light.en lamps contain different narratives that can be triggered by the user, creating a more “poetic and metaphysical relationship” between man and technology. One lamp seems to answer your questions à la Magic Eight Ball. Another will keep your ego in check displaying messages determined by the user’s psychological needs and desires. It can uplift those who are down, and bring down those with overinflated egos, creating a healthy equilibrium. Oh, and finally, one of the en.light.en lamps displays the time in scrolling LED type as well, (for the more practically-minded), while reminding the user that time is limited and they will not live forever.

For those who understand Spanish, here’s a video of all the different en.light.en lamps and what they offer…down to serving as an egg timer.

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