Cristina Garrido

Cristina GarridoI don’t know if it was my “Philosophy of Art” class trip to a Vito Acconci exhibit in high school, or a visit to a John Baldessari exhibit later on, or maybe the first time I saw a sketch of a Christo-wrapped building, but somewhere along the way I came to really enjoy and appreciate Conceptual Art. So it’s not a surprise that coming across Cristina Garrido’s work recently, was a nice surprise.

Garrido’s work explores the idea of “visual removal of information through the appropriation of objects and images,” slightly reminiscent of Jennie Holzer’s Redaction Paintings though the target of criticism here is capitalism or materialism rather than the military and government censorship. In her series Removals, Cristina Garrido filmed her subject at an Ikea store in Madrid, covering up all the furniture in a living room display with white bed linens from the store, transforming the space into that of an uninhabited house. In addition to the video, Garrido took Ikea information flyers and veiled (or wrapped) the furniture in the flyers with white-out, forcing the reader to speculate based on the written description what is under the white-out. These, in effect, worked as publicity for her performance piece in the store as well. She continues these white-out “removals” in other catalogues as well, not exclusively Ikea.

Another related series of Garrido’s is called Próximamente (Coming Soon). (See bottom two images; click to enlarge.)

Coming Soon is a project of public intervention which consists in placing several big format billboards on the façades next to demolished buildings in the city of Madrid.

“The billboards would partially cover what is behind them and, at the same time, they would open a “window” to the interior of the building. In them, we could see images of uninhabited domestic interiors, with their furniture covered with bed linens. The images would have a cinematographic aesthetic; which addresses the viewer to those publicity billboards of new premieres. But instead of being an invasive advertisement, which has nothing to do with the place it is located, these billboards tell us about these absent houses, about their possible history.The title of the project, Coming Soon…,  announces something which is about to come (a new construction, the arrival of new inhabitants…), which might or might never happen.”

You can see more of Cristina Garrido’s work on her site.

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