15 Alice Lane Towers: Paragon Architects

Architecture, South Africa, Paragon Architects, cool buildingsArchitecture, South Africa, Design, cool buildings, collabcubedArchitecture, South Africa, Paragon Architects, cool buildingsClick to enlarge.

Paragon Architects in Johannesburg, South Africa, have dramatically changed the skyline of the Sandton section of town with the new 15 Alice Lane Towers. The 17-story (hard to believe it’s not taller) corporate offices for a major law firm is incredibly striking with its curved facades and its neon-lit silhouette in the dark. The two towers are linked by a narrow, vertical atrium which houses walkways and bridges that spiral upwards and allow skylights to fill the space with light. The towers are clad with glass and aluminum, the latter used as an energy-saving measure to reduce direct sunlight, as well as add the sculptural element.

The abstract surfaces create changing effects throughout the day, depending on the light. Paragon Architects not only pushed the boundaries in the visual aspect of the towers, but in the environmental aspect as well, in their selection of materials and positioning of the building.

Paragon has definitely “raised the bar” in South African commercial architecture, as their website proudly touts.

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