Diane Landry: Knight of Infinite Resignation

water bottle art, light, motion, installation, cool, Landry, Knight of Infinite Resignationwater bottle art, light, motion, installation, cool, Landry, Diane Landry lives and works in Quebec. Many of her works call attention to the threat on the earth’s clean water supply. In her sound and automation installation Knight of the Infinite Resignation, the 237 bottles used are filled with sand making the bottles dried-up and sterile, at the same time acting as hour glasses. There are allusions to the 12 hours in a day and 12 months in the year, as well as windmills and stars.

From the artist’s site:
The short-sightedness of human management of natural resources is made pitifully obvious by the work’s evocation of cosmic time, in comparison with which the human lifespan and even the existence of the species seem simply irrelevant. And there is something terrifying about this assemblage, which is so cold and serene, so unperturbed by the viewer’s presence.

via asiapacific

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