Sonja Alhaüser: Food Art

Food art, sculpture made out of butter, chocolate sculptures, sonja alhauserFood art, sculpture made out of butter, chocolate sculptures, sonja alhauserSonja Alhauser, food art, contemporary art, edible art, performance art, BerlinGerman artist Sonja Alhaüser at times makes food her subject matter, as in many of her watercolor paintings, and other times makes it her choice of material. She has created sculptures from butter, chocolate, and marzipan, as well as performance pieces using milk and melted chocolate.

Taking food, a major part of our everyday lives, and using it in art converts it into a new medium that departs from its normal associations. It becomes about the process and about the relationship between art and other aspects of life. In many cases, Alhaüser’s works are edible, encouraging the viewer to eat them, as in the green pedestals made of chocolate (pictured above) included in the Eat Art exhibit at Harvard some years back.

Alhaüser will be part of an upcoming group show at Galerie Gesellschaft in Berlin this year.

Photos courtesy of the artist; Georg Kolbe Musem; and Galerie Michael Schultz

via Harvard Gazette

2 thoughts on “Sonja Alhaüser: Food Art

  1. There’s something just brilliantly wrong about sculpting with food. What is it? Is it that it confuses the senses? It’s also horrible when the food goes off! Meat sculptures anyone?

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