Dmitry Gutov: Pictorial Sculptures

Iron sculptures of Rembrandt Drawings, Russina Contemporary art, metal works, old man. collabcubedIron Sculptures of Drawings, Russian Contemporary art, metal works, Madonna. collabcubedIron sculptures of Rembrandt Drawings, Russian Contemporary art, metal works, composers. collabcubedClick to enlarge

Moscow artist Dmitry Gutov tackles several mediums in his art but he is consistently interested in the existence of three-dimensionality; “a dense space inside which everything lives.” With his metal sculptures, he likes to play with that three-dimensionality, giving the illusion of flatness from the front, when in reality these pictorial iron works are very much 3D.

Gutov has been drawn to metal and wire from an early age as well as calligraphy and old manuscripts. Many of his paintings and drawings have wiry motifs and, not surprisingly, he has a fascination for abandoned fences and their expressive nature which inspired him to create his series of iron metal sculptures, some calligraphic, others abstract, but most of them rendering famous drawings (such as his Rembrandt Drawings series), icons, and composers in his signature style. Seeing these sculptures at different angles changes them completely. Ideally hung from the ceiling, these pieces look flat from the front and become more and more abstract at every angle as one circulates around them.

Gutov’s series Used Goods is another iron based work of 13 assemblages that combine objects from the 60s, as if flying through the air, to create a sort of still life. These are also worth checking out here.

Starting next week, Dmitry Gutov has a show in Moscow: new 3D metal works of ancient Russian icons at the Marat Guelman Gallery through April 20, 2012.

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