Rat Race Park Project: Yuken Teruya

Rat playground concept for NYC subway system, Rats, NYC, Yuken Teruya, collabcubedRat playground concept for NYC subway system, Rats, NYC, Yuken Teruya, collabcubedClick to enlarge

There aren’t many things that gross me out more than rats. Seeing them around town occasionally, especially in the subway, is one of the few downers about living in NYC. Artist Yuken Teruya (previously here) has a crazy concept of turning the subway platforms and tracks in New York into a Rat Race Park. His Rat Race Park Project envisions similar play equipment to that sold in pet stores for hamsters and gerbils but, instead, placed on the subway tracks. There would be special lighting equipment with the tracks painted in bright colors similar to those often seen in playgrounds, and, of course, water bottles along the base of the platform for a quick pick-me-up and refresher for the active rodents working up a sweat. Teruya’s goal behind this plan? “…to reconsider the underground life of rats at the subway station and to thus share a feeling of larger community in New York City.” Umm…I think my community is large enough, thank you.

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