Nadín Ospina: Pre-Columbian Pop

Nadin Ospina, casa de Xoloti, snoopy and woodstock in stone, Contemporary Colombian artNadin Ospina, Simpsons in stone, Contemporary Colombian artNadin Ospina, Simpsons, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Cartoon characters in stone, Contemporary Colombian artClick to enlarge

Colombian artist Nadín Ospina was inspired to create Pre-Columbian style statues after unknowingly buying fake Pre-Columbian pieces. Much of Ospina’s work combines cartoon characters from U.S. mass entertainment culture with Latin American and Pre-Columbian artistic traditions. The result are stone statues of Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, the Simpsons and a host of other familiar cartoon icons. Using Aztec, Mayan, or Incan art forms with pop-culture imagery in an ironic and humorous manner, Ospina touches on themes of corruption and globalization.

Some of Nadín Ospina’s work will be on view as part of a group show titled Pre-Columbian Remix at the Neuberger Museum of Art at SUNY Purchase from April 28 to July 14, 2013.

Photos courtesy of the artist, galeria animal, and artnet.

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