Yotel Pods and HotelI’ve been intrigued by Yotel since my first sighting two years ago in the Amsterdam airport. Fast forward to last weekend when I noticed a new Yotel façade with its 70s-style signage near Times Square, here in NYC. Turns out Yotel has three cabin-style airport hotels with cabins ranging in size from 75 sq.ft to 108 sq.ft and each comes equipped with wireless internet, flatscreen tv, fold-out desk, en-suite bathroom with shower and 24-hour room service. Oh, and a bed! All for about $50 for the first 4 hours and $12/hr for each additional hour for a standard cabin. In addition to the one in Amsterdam, there is one at Gatwick and Heathrow airports, in London.

The NYC Yotel is the first non-airport site, with larger “cabins” at 170 sq.ft and $149 per night. There will be an airport-style self check-in and a robot (Yobot) to store left luggage. Here’s a video tour:

You can learn more at Yotel’s site.

via Spot Cool Stuff

2 thoughts on “Yotel

  1. the typical floorplan can’t have all that public space. how many of those cabins are on each of the upper floors?

  2. I have no idea. The building doesn’t look very large from the outside, so I’m sure it’s a lot tighter than it looks on the floorplan and the wide-angle video.

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