Jerzy Goliszewski

art installation, sculpture

art installation, sculpture, Polish artist, collabcubedart installation, sculpture, Polish artist, collabcubedJerzy Goliszewski is a Polish artist living and working in Warsaw. His body of work is comprised of installations, paintings, drawings and graphics. His focus is on making complex structures using simple and natural materials.

From top to bottom:  We’re Going Out, Jerzy Goliszewski’s newest work made for the closing of a gallery in Warsaw. Using simple means (semi-transparent vinyl and rear projection) Goliszewski created this revolving door style, computerized-looking effect without a computer. To see it in action watch the video.The photo that follows is of the artist in front of the gallery with the artwork in the window. Kai, another installation, takes its cue from the classic fairy tale “The Snow Queen.” Kai was inspired by structures, such as the crumbling sheet of ice, the cracked ground and the cracked mirror which broke into pieces distorting the world, in the story. Next image down is from Lac Bleu 02, a wooden installation made of thousands of bits of wood and, lastly, Dynamo, another wooden installation representing force and power in its name and at the same time the block’s transparency removes the stability and exposes its fragility like a house of cards.

You can see more of Jerzy Goliszewski’s work on his website, as well as his flickr set of installations.

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