AnnMarie van Splunter: Rubbertree

Tire Installation, playground, Thailand, Tree sculpture, collabcubedTire Installation, playground, Thailand, Tree sculpture, refugeesHere’s an interesting concept for reuse of tires in a positive way. Rubbertree, designed by Dutch designer AnnMarie van Splunter, is a proposal for a school playground for refugee children in Thailand. By constructing an oversized sculpture of a rubber tree made of recycled rubber tires, the tires, in a sense, come full circle.

Imitating the long and expanding roots of a real rubber tree, this installation would be relatively easy to build requiring only local materials including motorbike tires, bamboo and rope. No metal parts are necessary. The frame would be made from the bamboo and the tires could safely hug the frame (see small illustration of tire and bamboo above.)

From the designer:
This tree with long and expanding roots offers an open and inviting landscape on different levels: spaces to roam and explore, for spontaneous play.
It provides shelter and shadow and places where children can sit in, on, under, or lean against and find a place where they can make a den and find privacy or can be alone with friends.


via Open Architecture Network

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