Christian DuCharme: Coffee Lamps

Chris DuCharme, cool lamps, coffee cups, filters, spoons, collabcubedChris DuCharme, cool lamps, coffee cups, filters, spoons, collabcubedClick to enlarge

A couple of days ago, on a nice stroll up from Canal Street, a friend and I spotted an interesting structure in the window of the very cute Lafayette Espresso Bar + Market. Going in to explore further, and have a tea while at it, turns out the large sea urchin-like object was a lamp made from 300 of the classic “It’s Our Pleasure to Serve You” coffee cups, cut into slim triangles. The artist/designer behind the lamp? The multi-talented Christian DuCharme.  Previously a set designer and window display artist, the Swiss designer from Zurich now works as an interior and accessories designer. And, well, he also makes lamps. Very cool ones at that.

The top four images are the 300 Cups Lamp, presently on display at the previously mentioned espresso bar in NYC. The lamp that follows is made from plastic coffee spoons, and the two photos below that are another lamp made from coffee filters. Amazing!

Two of Christian DuCharme’s beautiful bags are at the bottom of the photos. If you’re interested in purchasing Christian’s lamps or bags you can get in touch

Photos courtesy of Christian DuCharme.

One thought on “Christian DuCharme: Coffee Lamps

  1. люди не выбрасывайте мусор, из него можно сделать что-нибудь красивое и полезное, продать это что-нить и купить себе хорошую кожаную сумочку)))

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