De Tafelwip: Marleen Jansen

Dutch product design, table, seesaw, DDW, fun furnitureDutch product design, table, seesaw, DDW, fun furnitureThere’s a reason you don’t see many see-saws in playgrounds anymore; it could be safety issues or maybe just a complete loss of faith in see-saw partnerships. After all, there’s a lot of trust involved on the see-saw. One person gets off unexpectedly and the other one can go flying…or more accurately, crashing.

Dutch designer Marleen Jansen clearly still has faith in the see-saw and the unspoken contract that is entered when both parties mount one. De tafelwip, a project developed after her dissertation entitled ‘Being Forced Voluntarily’ (Ongedwongen moeten) on the subject of table manners, prevents people from walking away from the table during dinner. The see-saw seating forces the two people to stay at the table because, as she points out: “If one leaves the table, the other diner ends up on the floor! Definitely not a charming thing to do!”

Emily Post would be proud.

via ddw

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