Magritte Your World iPhone App

Magritte Your World, App, fun gadget, video app, TateMagritte Your World, App, fun gadget, video app

This app made me laugh. The Magritte Your World iPhone App is the creation of the Dorothy collective in Manchester, England, England. It was released to coincide with the René Magritte exhibit that ended last month at the Tate Liverpool.

From Dorothy’s site:
The ‘Magritte Your World’ camera based app invites people to take pictures of their favourite views or landmarks and ‘Magritte’ them, by overlaying an animation inspired by ‘Golconda’, one of the artist’s most famous paintings. Suited, booted and bowler-hatted businessmen rain from the sky in an interactive and contemporary interpretation of Magritte’s own surreal painting.

Available here.

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