Christopher Boffoli: Big Appetites

Humorous photographs of miniature figurines on food,Christopher Boffoli, Big Appetites, Disparity, Edible Worlds, contemporary photos of figurines on foodHumorous photos of miniatures on food, Disparity, Edible Worlds, contemporary photographyGreta and her pals enjoyed the smooth ride so much that they vowed to never again attempt a ride over the pineapples.

Edible Worlds, Christopher Boffoli, miniatures on food, hot dog, humorous photography, contemporary photos

Gary always uses too much mustard but no one can say anything. It’s a union thing.
Edible Worlds, Christopher Boffoli, miniatures on food, tea cup, humorous photography, contemporary photos
Even though he knew the likelihood of shark encounters was low, Eric still had anxiety about the dive.

Seattle-based photographer Christopher Boffoli photographs miniature figurines performing varied tasks such as mowing an orange peel or excavating a berry pie in his Disparity Series, a humorous commentary on labor, portion size and American consumption. Part of his Big Appetites photographs include his latest series Edible Worlds which will be exhibited at the Winston Wächter Gallery in Chelsea, starting on June 21, 2012. Not only are the photos humorous, but so are the titles (Canoe au LaitDeep Tea Diver…) and the captions, see above for a sampling.

You can buy greeting cards with some of Boffoli’s photos here.

If you like Boffoli’s photographs, you might also enjoy Liliana Porter’s work here.

via Winston Wächter Gallery

2 thoughts on “Christopher Boffoli: Big Appetites

  1. Reblogged this on belopotosky and commented:
    As a good friend once told me, “Everything is better as miniatures.” And as I enjoy the wonderful photographed scenes by Christopher Boffoli, I realize how right she was.

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