Etelvina: The Bag-storing Chicken and more

kitchen, bag-storer, apron, che, chicken, plastic bags, Pla, cookingkitchen, bag-storer, apron, che, chicken, plastic bags, Pla, cookingPLA, corrupt policeman piggy bank, humorous design, collabcubedIt’s not exactly a Thanksgiving post, but it does involve the kitchen, poultry and cooking. Last year Em brought back one of these Pla! Etelvina plastic bag-storing chickens from Buenos Aires that we have hanging in our kitchen, and though plastic bags are out, somehow we still accumulate enough to see our Etelvina plump up as we gradually stuff her, and trim down as we use the bags for garbage. Along with the chicken came CheF, (much to a cousin’s horror) the politically incorrect apron that’s ridiculous enough to make us laugh, and that I am donning today as I cook our Thanksgiving dinner.

If you’re into these kinds of quirky, and we think, fun objects then you might want to check out the rest of the Argentinean company’s items: there’s a cotton ball dispensing bunny and a corrupt policeman piggy bank that takes coins in his side pocket while looking the other way.

In the meantime, have a nice holiday!

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