Some Guy: Works on Paper

book text collages, redacted text, someguy, Brian Singerbook text collages, redacted text, someguy, Brian Singerbook text collages, redacted text, someguy, Brian SingerSan Francisco artist Brian Singer, who goes by Some Guy, explores the printed word using books and their pages with whiteout or ink in his Works on Paper.

From the artist’s statement:
I’m exploring the printed word as a visual representation of information, attempting to uncover new meaning in what is slowly becoming an outdated form. Crossing out the entirety of a written text while exposing only selected words changes the perception of the original message. Revealing word frequency adds another layer and opens new paths to understanding.

Reminiscent of Jenny Holzer’s Redaction Paintings, Some Guy is actually doing the opposite by focusing, in some cases, on words that might be offensive or censored in well known texts. I like everything about these, from the concept to the texture  (as well as the typographic aspect), if a bit obsessive in nature.

From top to bottom:
Knowledge 172, Wrath 198 and detail; 9 Unicorns and detail; 212 Slaves and detail; The Catcher in the Rye and detail; Love, Evil see video below.

Also interesting are Some Guy’s mixed-media pieces, made from flyers stapled to telephone poles that have been weathered and rusted and reassembled into collages including his Bullseye Triptych commissioned by Target.

You can watch the short version video of Love, Evil — the full video is 30 minutes long — the King James Version of the Bible with all words crossed out except ‘Love’ and ‘Evil’.

Some of Some Guy’s Works on Paper can be seen as part of the Transmit exhibit at den contemporary in Los Angeles through December 23, 2011.

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