Túlio Pinto: Balancing Acts

Brazilian contemporary sculpture, concrete slabs balanced with cloth, collabcubedBrazilian contemporary sculpture, balloon installation, cool, fun, collabcubedBrazilian contemporary sculpture, cubes balanced with cloth straps, collabcubedBrazilian contemporary sculpture, installation, balancing, balloons, concreteClick to enlarge

Looking at his work, a person might not want to get too close to one of  Brazilian artist Túlio Pinto’s sculptures or installations. Concrete slabs precariously balanced and held in position by a piece of fabric or balloon doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, yet they definitely impress.

Pinto lives and works in Porto Alegre where, in addition to his installations, he paints. He co-founded the artist studio Subterrânea and is a curator of Brazilian contemporary art.

Photos courtesy of the artist and Andersonastor.

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