MOMO: Minimalist Geometric Street Art

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I’ve just discovered MOMO. Well, I actually think that I’ve seen his work before on the streets of NYC, but not until now did I absorb it. And I love it. Originally from San Francisco, minimalist street artist MOMO now lives in New Orleans after years in NYC and traveling extensively. Most recently he’s been working on Practical Geometry a developing set of tools to draft, design, and organize wall murals with adapted masonry techniques. Those geometric shapes with their thin stripes in beautiful color palettes are what initially caught my eye, but what I truly love are the MOMO Maker group of works that were installed throughout NYC a few years back with equipment invented by MOMO. Those are the ones I think I’ve seen before and I can’t get over how a few colorful shapes put together can make me so happy and have so much personality. I would love to have a wall full of these in my home. You can see a clever 3D interpretation by MOMO titled 5 Shapes that developed from the same concept, here.

Photos courtesy of the artist; Lois Stavsky; OutsiderMag; Tishon, Nicole Blommers; invisiblemadevisible; UKSnapper; Hargadon; shoehorn99; and ekosystem

via outdoor festival

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