Alex Schweder: Performance Architecture

Cool sculptural and architectural installations by Alex SchwederCool sculptural and architectural installations by Alex SchwederInteractive sculpture with an architecture bent, cool installations by Alex SchwederClick to enlarge

Alex Schweder creates installations that he refers to as “performance architecture”. Based on the notion that relationships between occupied spaces and occupying subjects are permeable, Schweder’s works often invite interactivity. Visitors follow their visual architectural instincts and once engaged, their expectations and perspective are challenged; what at first seemed familiar becomes strange. Top two images are from the pivoting and rocking Stability, which relies on the position and weight of its two occupants (in collaboration with Ward Shelley.) Snowballing Doorway (third photo down) is an inflatable installation with two arches in mirrored orientation, participants can pass through the bottom arch until the upper up-side-down arch starts to displace it. The next two photos are of A Sac of Rooms All Day Long another inflatable structure with something too big inside something too small. Roomograph, which follows, works like a photogram with photosensitive material that when the lights go out, occupants see their outlines as shadows. Counterweight Roommate forces vertical movement to rely on the counter weight of its two occupants, and was continuously inhabited for five days at Scope Basel in 2011. Split Skin (bottom left) is an installation of licked together packing peanuts that melts and contorts when in contact with water and lastly, The Rise and Fall, offers visitors a ground-shifting structure that responds to their weight and their movements with relation to one another.

There’s much more information on all of these installations as well as many others on the artist’s site.

via haptic blog

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