Boomly: Age in Style


It’s been a long while since we posted anything, but we’re here to tell you about Boomly a new e-commerce site by Emma Gilsanz, a cube-root of Collabcubed. Observing the challenges her grandparents faced trying to find helpful products that were well-designed and at the same time stylish, Emma became determined to inject some much needed fun and design into the typically sterile-looking home healthcare market. Enter Boomly, a site aimed at boomers and beyond, created to help people live life beautifully, every day at every age. Items have been carefully selected for their thoughtful design, quality, and functionality. Everything from nicely designed pill boxes that include an accompanying water bottle to kitchen aids, bathroom safety items to canes and walkers that are elegant enough to put an extra bounce in anyone’s step, just to name a few.




There’s much more to see, so check it out for yourself here, or share with anyone you know that might be interested, or maybe like Boomly on facebook, or follow on twitter.

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