The Period Game

1-tpg-heroI couldn’t be more excited and proud to announce the launch of The Period Game Kickstarter! After four years in the making, my daughter Daniela Gilsanz and her co-creator Ryan Murphy have launched their board game about menstruation. The game turns a typically uneasy situation into a fun, positive, learning experience teaching participants about what is happening within the body and how to “go with the flow.” It’s smart, humorous, and has been tested with 200 kids receiving praise from the toughest of communities…tweens!

Their kickstarter launched today. Please consider backing them by pre-ordering a game and/or sharing with those who might. Thanks!


Boomly: Age in Style


It’s been a long while since we posted anything, but we’re here to tell you about Boomly a new e-commerce site by Emma Gilsanz, a cube-root of Collabcubed. Observing the challenges her grandparents faced trying to find helpful products that were well-designed and at the same time stylish, Emma became determined to inject some much needed fun and design into the typically sterile-looking home healthcare market. Enter Boomly, a site aimed at boomers and beyond, created to help people live life beautifully, every day at every age. Items have been carefully selected for their thoughtful design, quality, and functionality. Everything from nicely designed pill boxes that include an accompanying water bottle to kitchen aids, bathroom safety items to canes and walkers that are elegant enough to put an extra bounce in anyone’s step, just to name a few.




There’s much more to see, so check it out for yourself here, or share with anyone you know that might be interested, or maybe like Boomly on facebook, or follow on twitter.

Corpus Museum of the Human Body

corpus museum of human body, the netherlands, crazy architecture, traveling through bodycorpus museum of human body, the netherlands, crazy architecture, traveling through bodycorpus museum of human body, the netherlands, crazy architecture, traveling through bodyClick to enlarge

This may be the strangest museum I’ve ever seen. Looks more like something you would find in Las Vegas or Disney World rather than on the side of a highway 35km from Amsterdam. The Corpus Museum offers its guests an excursion through the human body during which they can see, feel, and hear how the body works. The building, designed by architect Wolbrand van der Vis of PBV Architecten, even has a 5D-heart theater where you, the audience, are a red blood cell. The journey begins at the knee and continues through the uterus (I guess it’s a woman then), the stomach, intestines, the mouth, and finally ending in the brain.

Could be a case of too much information.

Photos: refdag; Marcel Antonisse/ANP

via eurogates

Base Design: They’ve Got it Covered

Branding, Graphic Design, Miami Art Musem Logo, Clever logos, Base DesignBranding, Graphic Design, Miami Art Musem Logo, Clever logos, Base DesignBranding, Graphic Design, Museum Logos, Clever logos, Haus der Kunst, Base DesignClick to enlarge

A couple of nights ago I had the pleasure of hearing Thierry Brunfaut and Dimitri Jeurissen, partners at the amazing design firm Base, speak at an AIGA event about their firm’s history, the present, as well as offer 10 pieces of advice for designers and business owners. Originally only in Brussels, Base has now expanded with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, New York and Santiago and more on the way.

I wasn’t familiar with these guys, though it turns out I did know some of their older projects such as branding for MoMAQNS, The Stand, and Kiki de Montparnasse, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Everything they do, and they really DO do everything, is smart, fun, playful, with a strong initial concept that gets driven home from beginning to end in each project. Above are only three examples of branding: M!AM! (The Miami Art Museum), Bozar, Center of Fine Arts in Brussels, and Haus der Kunst, a logo that shows elasticity and flexibility typographically by never being exactly the same in two images; that wraps around the building itself in uneven letterspacing, and that, when animated, the letters slide around horizontally. Incredibly original. And if their talent weren’t enough, they all seem to be having tons of fun. I’m sure everyone in the audience was ready to sign up.

You should definitely take a look at their website for so much more of Base’s work. The site has a very fun—if a little ADD—quality that seems to perfectly represent the studio’s personality. And below are two of a series of humorous videos they created titled Perspectives. The difference between the Spanish-speaking interviewee and English one made me smile.

Stéphane Malka: Urban Study Installations

Malka Architecture, installations, art, BoomBox, Fury, Ame-lotMalka Architecture, installations, art, BoomBox, Fury, Ame-lotMalka Architecture, installations, art, BoomBox, Fury, Ame-lotThis is where the line between art and architecture blurs. French architect Stéphane Malka started as a graffiti artist in his younger life. Through that experience Malka discovered the city and its untapped potential. He has a strong taste for ‘soft’ resistance and lives in continuous quest for abandoned spaces that offer the possibility for “creating new urban vitality.”

Consequently, Stephane Malka has amassed an impressive body of work, from installations and other completed projects, to elaborate studies and proposals for urban projects, to impressive competition entries. The similar theme throughout his work includes reuse and reappropriation of materials; recycling the existing without additional processing.

Above are his most recent projects.

From top to bottom: Boombox Space Invader, Moscow; Boombox-luz, Barcelona (with light projections); Ame-Lot On the Blind Walls, Paris (a study on housing and avoidance of deconstruction but rather superimposing interventions onto built buildings.);  The Temple of Fury for NYC, a study for an installation made of Reebok Fury Insta-Pumps. A criticism of today’s excessive consumption and desire over need.

via archdaily


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