NYC Art Installation Lobbies

NYC Lobbies with Art InstallationsOne of the nice aspects of NYC is that there are always new, or not-so-new, things to discover. Among them, are the various art installations in many an office building lobby. Some are permanent, some rotate. Some are by famous artists and others, less famous. All, when in the neighborhood, are worth popping in to see. Here is a sampling:

From top to bottom, row by row:
James Turrell; 3-dimensional Light sculpture; CIT Group Building, 42nd and 5th Avenue; KPF Architects.

Video Walls at IAC Building. World’s largest hi-resolution video wall, 120 ft by 11ft high. Alternating usage; West Chelsea; Gehry Partners Architect

Jenny Holzer; A continuous stream of prose and poetry about the history of New York City scrolls across glowing, 65-ft-wide, 14-ft-high wall; 7 World Trade Center; 250 Greenwich St; SOM Architects

Interactive Wall at Sloan-Kettering; the large lobby wall has a perforated appearance that transitions from regular on the front plane to apparently random on the back plane. The openings are determined by an array of eye-level viewpoints that cluster in programmatic hot spots throughout the lobby; 1275 York Ave.: LTL Architects

Rotating Art Installations in the Lever House lobby. A few examples shown (l to r): most recently Rachel Feinstein. Also Barbara Kruger, Tara Donovan. You can see other past exhibits here. SOM Architects.

Moveable Type by Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen, is a digital installation that reflects the movement of news in the New York Times building lobby. It pulls sentences and phrases from the newspaper’s databases, projects them onto a grid of small screens, and orchestrates the material into a series of changing sequences. Renzo Piano Architect.

Photo credits: MSK Wall – Halkin Photography; Moveable Type – Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

3 thoughts on “NYC Art Installation Lobbies

  1. i took a rainy lunchtime walk over to 505 5th today to look at the lobby and the light sculpture. thanks collab3.

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