Hans Kotter

Hans Kotter Light Sculptures The TunnelHans Kotter Light Sculptures LEDs Cool installationsClick to enlarge

Yes, it’s true. I’m consistently drawn to art that uses colored light, light bulbs, or LEDs. I’ve liked it for as long as I can remember. When I was younger the big attraction was neon, and I dreamed of having a neon sign on the wall of my room. Later, the discovery of Dan Flavin’s colored fluorescent bulb sculptures was very exciting and in the last ten years or so I’ve become a big fan of James Turrell’s work. So it’s not all that surprising that I should post about other artists working in the same medium as I come upon their work. And, just like paint, these artists all create quite different effects and artworks.

Hans Kotter, a German artist, falls in this group of light sculpture artists. Really nice work. It appears from his site that he will be exhibiting work next week at Design Miami Basel and he was recently a part of the Kinetica Art Fair in London where he exhibited his Tunnel View piece (top photo).

You can see more of Hans Kotter’s work here and here.

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