MoMA Design Studio

MoMA Design Studio Typography Super GraphicsMoMA Design Studio Typography GraphicsMoMA Design TypographyLiving in NYC and loving art and design makes the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) a natural frequent destination for us. I have always appreciated the graphics in the museum but noticed in the past few years that they have become more prominent with a boldness and emphasis on typography that is hard to ignore in a good way. I have to admit to having been lured into the occasional exhibit based on the beautiful supergraphic on the wall outside, much in the way that I would pick up a book based on its beautiful cover.

The team behind the graphics is the MoMA Design Studio with Julia Hoffmann (who previously worked at Pentagram with Paula Scher) as the creative director, and whose work I’ve admired for years. Her presence along with the rest of the designers is definitely felt, from the museum’s walls to its printed materials. You should check out the studio’s site to see more of their fabulous work.

via swissmiss

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