Liviana Osti: Airplane Cheese Grater

Industrial Design Product Design Cheese GraterWitty Product Design Cheese Grater Click to enlarge

Liviana Osti, a design student in Trento, Italy, has a humorous approach to product design. This paper airplane cheese grater is a perfect example. It caught my eye and made me smile, but what I enjoyed as much as the fun design was her lovely documentation of the project, from start to finish. I always enjoy the sketches or blueprints of designers or architects and, for example, that’s a big part of the appeal of Christo’s art for me, but you rarely get to see that aspect of a project. Liviana has a nicely designed, flippable pdf of each project and though I’ve placed a few elements in the images above, I highly recommend that you visit her site if you enjoy that sort of thing the way I do.

Another one of her table accessory designs is a double carafe in the shape of the two heart ventricles; one to be filled with red wine, the other with water. Not as cute, but still clever.

via designakitchen

One thought on “Liviana Osti: Airplane Cheese Grater

  1. you are right! the sketches of the artist is like letting us be part of their work in process.

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