James Turrell: Within Without

Skyspace, National Gallery Australia, Art Installation, LightTurrell Skyspace, Light Installation, Art, National Gallery AustraliaClick to enlarge

James Turrell’s latest Skyspace, Within Without at the National Gallery of Australia, is one of his largest and most elaborate so far. The Skyspace is entered via a long walkway towards a grass-covered pyramid surrounded by water. Inside, at the center of the pyramid is a domed structure open to the sky, which in turn is surrounded and highlighted by shimmering turquoise water. As in other of Turrell’s Skyspaces, Within Without is most dramatic at dawn and dusk, when there are more changes in light and movement in the sky which are then intensified within the domed space.

You can read more about the exhibit here and see more photos at screenstreet’s and chaoite’s photostreams.

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