Aesop’s Grand Central Terminal Kiosk

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I have to admit that the Australian skincare company Aesop is completely new to me. Not until the plywood went up across the street from our place here in NYC with the “Coming Soon” signs was I aware of its existence. But I’m not here to discuss the company or their products, instead about the very interesting and cool kiosk that they have unveiled in Grand Central Station.

The architect behind the stand – built out of 1,800 back issues of the New York Times – is Jeremy Barbour of Tacklebox. In solidarity with the newspaper-reading commuters, Barbour stacked and pressed the papers into chunky blocks and combined the blocks with complementing powder-coated steel blocks and countertops. Apparently, there will be a similar design in the upcoming Nolita store. It will be interesting to see what they come up with for the third NYC shop that will be going up in our Greenwich Village neighborhood.

You can see more of Tacklebox’s work here and the fabrication process on their blog.

via Racked. Thanks, Scottie!

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