The Insinuated Furniture Project

The insinuated furniture project, Ludens, Urban Prosthetics, Mexico City, street artThe insinuated furniture project, Ivan Hernandez-Quintela, Urban Prosthetics, street artLudens,Ivan Hernandez-Quintela, Urban Prosthetics, street art, Mexico cityThe insinuated furniture project, Ivan Hernandez-Quintela, Urban Prosthetics, street artThis concept made me smile. The Insinuated Furniture Project is the creation of Mexican artist/architect Ivan Hernandez-Quintela who started a design collective called Ludens. Hernandez-Quintela considers his designs spatial gags and enjoys invading Mexico City with his ‘Urban Prosthetics’. All his projects are about how people share space and how the objects that surround us affect the way we share it. He believes that each of us has the power to impact a city, one gesture at a time and that could have a contagious effect creating larger impacts from these small gestures. On his Insinuated Furniture Project, Hernandez-Quintela has this to say:

When one live in a city where urban furniture is not a priority, one finds that its inhabitants get creative and improvise by using different constructive surfaces as furniture. Insinuated furniture project is an attempt to call attention to these potential surfaces by drawing silhouettes of recognizable furniture over them.

Insinuated Furniture is a task for people and/or designers to go around the city with masking tape and draw silhouettes on these surfaces. Not to necessarily add objects to the city, but to recognize how existing objects are used, or misused. To help visualize the potential of the city.

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