Claude Lévêque: Dreamy Light Installations

Light Installations, black light, upside down beds, beds, cool art installation, Contemporary art, collabcubedLight installation, neon, cool contemporary art, beach chair with neon, collabcubedLight installations, neon, cool contemporary art, lumen, trailer trucks with lights, collabcubedFrench artist Claude Lévêque has been creating light sculptures and installations since the ’80s. There’s a surreal quality to much of his work — upside down blacklit beds, abandoned trailers with chandeliers, or an elevated one with stringed lights inside, precariously balanced on cement blocks — as well as wit. I also like the way many of his neon signs are integrated with chairs or paintings, resulting in a strange juxtaposition.

Lévêque currently has a show at La Maison Rouge in Paris through May 20th.

via galerie kamel mennour 

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