Alison Knowles: Make a Salad (Follow-up)

Salad event on the High Line, NYC, fluxus art, Alison Knowles, fun in New York city, collabcubedMake a Salad fluxus event on the High Line, NYC, Alison Knowles, Nori shredder, Guitar with Lettuce, collabcubedSalad event on the High Line, NYC, fluxus art, Alison Knowles, fun in New York city, collabcubedClick to enlarge

Tempted to skip it due to the rainy-day wetness, at the last minute I bussed on over to the High Line for the special Earth Day Make A Salad event with fluxus artist Alison Knowles (see previous post). I arrived in time to witness the  chopping (though not exactly to the beat of the music) by the crew who ranged in age from around nine to upwards of sixty. The covered, two-tiered Chelsea Market Passage was the perfect spot, both for avoiding the rain and the required dramatic height for pouring the salad contents onto the mixing tarp. The reasonably large crowd (I’d say over a hundred people attended) gathered around the tarp, some vigorously shaking and tossing the lettuce, celery, carrots, mushroom, radishes and onions, while Ms. Knowles added a couple of pitchers of dressing and the rest of the crowd cheered them on. Knowles came down to put the final raking touches and the salad was then shoveled into large salad bowls by Jessica Higgins and served up by the young High Line staffers.

It was a fun event, with lovely music “DJ’ed” by Joshua Selman with his lettuce covered guitar and nori shredder around his neck. How was the salad? Very tasty, though I personally would have preferred it onion-free. Good ol’ NYC fun.

2 thoughts on “Alison Knowles: Make a Salad (Follow-up)

  1. Excellent pics! Love especially Joshua’s safety goggles–in case nori shredder goes awry?–and the kid picking out, presumably, one hopes, because they mar any salad, the onions.

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